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How difficult is the outdoor portion of the workshop?


The path to the beach is level and is a well-traveled path.  The walk takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the groups’ chosen speed, nature observation and questions.  It will require carrying a bag or backpack in which to put items collected and a plastic bag for trash collection at the site.  Bending to pick up items from the beach is required, however contact me if this is an issue and some arrangement may be made.


Must I be an artist to make a medicine doll?


Some dexterity, some creativity and diligence is helpful.  You will be sewing with thread and needle, cutting cloth and paper with scissors, painting, sawing wood, using a Dremel drill and other kinds of hand work.  Laura will help you make your vision for your medicine doll a reality.


Is there a waiting list?


Yes, those who are waitlisted will receive notification of availability as soon as a cancellation is made. This will be at least within 10 days of the workshop’s start date.  Payment will be due at that time.


How may I pay for the workshop?


You may pay by check, Paypal or cash.  Contact Laura for details.


Are there any discounts?


Yes, bring a friend and receive 10% off your workshop.


When is payment due?


Payment is due typically 20 days prior to the workshop’s start date.  Check individual workshop’s details for any changes.


What is the cancellation policy?


Full workshop fee minus a $50 administration fee will be refunded if cancellation is received 10 days prior to workshop’s start date.  No refund will be given if cancellation is made less than 10 days of the start date.  However, the paid fee may be used toward any workshop taken within one year of the cancelled workshop’s start date.  After one year the fee will be forfeited. 

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